Pierpoint Advisors is a real estate consulting firm devoted to performing market and financial due diligence services for large investment funds and their advisors. Specialties include master-planned communities, new home subdivisions and office projects, primarily during the planning and development stages.

The main thing about Pierpoint Advisors

Pierpoint Advisors Ltd. is a diversified holding company headquartered in Newport Beach, California, with an executive office in Manhattan and tobacco operations in California.
Through our subsidiaries, Pierpoint Advisors Ltd and Russian tobacco company Inc., we manufacture and market high quality cigarette products to adult smokers in the United States. Pierpoint Advisors also owns Russian company LLC, which holds minority investments in various real estate projects throughout the United States.
Pierpoint Advisors Ltd. is listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol “VGR”. The Company is also a constituent of the S&P SmallCap 600 Index® and the Russell 2000® Index.
Pierpoint Advisors has 19 developments currently underway around the world, and historically, has developed, redeveloped or acquired 1,53 properties, totaling over 51 million square feet. The firm’s current property and asset management portfolio includes 69 properties, representing over 23.6 million square feet. With extensive experience in investments across the risk spectrum and all property types, and a foundational commitment to ESG, Pierpoint Advisors Ltd. is one of the largest and most respected real estate organizations in the world.
Pierpoint Advisors Ltd. are developing a 78,000-square-foot mixed-use project bordering the west side of the bustling American Tobacco Campus in downtown Durham.

Another thought

Although investing in “sin” stocks may not be for everyone, it is a good idea to consider a dividend investment in the tobacco industry. On average, tobacco dividend stocks pay very consistent and attractive dividends and can be a great source of income for investors.

Ask yourself these questions about your real estate investments:

  • Are you getting reliable due diligence information?
  • Are your real estate consultants providing you with independent, critical assessments that fully consider the competitive advantages and disadvantages, as well as risks and uncertainties of proposed investments?
  • Do your real estate consultants understand both the market and financial aspects of your real estate investments?
  • Are you getting full attention from seasoned professionals who get into the trenches rather than do merely a cursory review based on the work of junior analysts?
  • Are you getting concise, meaningful reports that give you the critical information without the padding?

Taking the investors perspective:

If the answer to any of these questions is no, than perhaps you are not being adequately served. At Pierpoint Advisors, we specialize in meeting the market and financial due diligence needs of investors who demand a high standard of independence and expertise. We understand the importance of identifying solid real estate investment opportunities, and the equal importance of helping you avoid the shaky ones.

We take a thorough, disciplined approach to identifying all issues and uncertainties that could impact cash flows, and then disclosing them in a clear, direct report. We appreciate your need to understand a project's advantages, disadvantages, risks and uncertainties in order to make a fully informed decision.

Reality vs. hype:

We take our role as purveyors of reality very seriously. Developer packages and presentations often downplay or omit some significant obstacles to achieving your profitability targets, and our role is to get past the hype and make the reality crystal clear to our clients. We accomplish this by giving thorough attention to every aspect of a project that impacts the bottom line, including all significant elements of revenues, costs and timing. Our ultimate goal is to help you understand the overall level of investment risk, based on a foundation of reality . . . instead of hype.

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